Pogojig is a tool to generate pogo pin test fixtures for printed circuit board manufacturing and development. Pogojig generates a 3d printable board holder with holes for mounting pogo pins, along with a matching KiCAD PCB project for a pogo pin breakout and mounting PCB. You can start with either Gerber files exported from any PCB toolchain, or you can do a free-form layout using the empty SVG template for Inkscape if you want to work from construction drawings, scanned or photographed PCBs etc.

1. Convert your Gerbers to an Inkscape SVG template and draw pogo pins, mounting holes and cutouts into the template. Don't have gerbers? Start with an empty SVG template for Inkscape.
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Gerber files arrow pointing right SVG blueprint arrow pointing right 3D models of matching plastic holder and base PCB
2. Upload your SVG to generate STL and OpenSCAD files for the plastic holder, and KiCAD and DXF files for the base PCB.
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